First Love: CLC's First Mini Album Edit

"First Love," is CLC's debut mini album, featuring title track "Pepe". The mini album consists of five songs with themes of innocence and young love. The group held their debut showcase at the AX hall in Gwangjang-dong, Seoul on March 18th. On March 19th the next day, the album was released and the group made their official debut through Mnet's Mcountdown.


No. Title Lyrics Music Arrangement Length
1. Cafe Mocha Please Jung II-hoon Seo Jaewoo, FERDY Seo Jaewoo, FERDY 3:25
2. Pepe LONG CANDY Duble Sidekick, Yanggang Yanggang
3. Sharala ZIGZAGNOTE, MAFLY, 노는어린니
4. First Love Jo Seong-ho, FERDY
5. Open The Window Seo Jaewoo, Seo Yongbae, Jung Il-hoon