Choi Yujin is a vocalist and lead dancer of CLC. She is one of the original five CLC members and her fruit is the strawberry. She is famed for her cute physique and her trademark perfect proportions.

Personality and relationships with other members Edit

The other members of CLC often remark that when they are dieting they get a certain satisfaction from watching Yujin eat. Seungyeon once remarked during a V-Live, "When I was really hungry, like when I was dieting, I would feed Yujin and live through her... it was so sad."

Trivia Edit

  • Yujin is an actress and she has appeared on a few dramas.
  • Yujin's face is so small that a CD can fit over it.
  • According to Yeeun, Yujin is bad at tidying up.